The Encino Velo Cycling Club (“EVCC”) was founded in 2004 to promote and inspire people of all ages to bicycle for fitness, fun and self-improvement. The EVCC
assists young athletes, starting at the age of 10, who are interested in cycling and support this endeavor by introducing them to both road and track cycling. We
feel that our commitment of time and financial support helps build self-esteem and develops strong values and sportsmanship.

After completing basic instruction classes, including traffic safety, these young riders participate in actual competitions. Although a relatively young club, junior
cyclists from the EVCC have already received medals in both State and National championships, a result we are very proud of. One such athlete is now on the
West Point cycling team.

As well, the EVCC encourages and sponsors cyclists of all ages and abilities, including the Masters’ category for athletes over 30 years of age.

Presently, the EVCC is 50 cyclists strong, including several past U.S. Olympians, professional racers and an “Elite” category coach.

For additional information or to establish a sponsoring partnership with EVCC for the upcoming season, please contact Stefan Mayer at Stefan@encinovelo.org

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